Special Presentation – The Art of The Pitch: A Writer’s Number One Tool to Attract Agents, Publishers and Readers

The Book Doctors: Arielle Eckstut & David Henry SterryOne-time-only event: May 1st, 2013 at 11 AM Pacific/AZ, 12 Noon Mountain, 1 PM Central, 2 PM Eastern

Figuring out how to explain what’s amazing, awesome, absolutely fabulous, funny, heartbreaking, entertaining, informative, and valuable about your project IN 250 WORDS!!! is one of the most important and underestimated tools a writer can have as they strive to become a successfully published writer.

In this 90-minute interactive webinar, the Book Doctors will show you the nuts and bolts of what makes a pitch-perfect pitch that will get you past the gatekeepers, out of the slush pile, and into the heads, hearts, and hands of readers all over the world.

Some of the things participants will learn about perfecting their pitch:

  • How to start with a bang and end with a climax
  • The importance of finding great comparable titles, and constructing a door-opening elevator pitch
  • The subtle business of displaying how you are unique and yet how you are familiar
  • The art of the arc and showing character development
  • The best way to get us to fall in love with your hero–and hiss at your villain
  • World building and storytelling
  • Capturing the voice of your book
  • Staying out of the trap of making your pitch sound like a book report, and displaying the full genius of your prose stylings
  • Establishing high stakes
  • Making your title all it can be
  • Avoiding the plot-heavy pitch



The Book Doctors will also pick, at random, a couple of pitches that webinar participants send in beforehand. These pitches will be critiqued, kindly and gently, so that participants see how to transform valuable coal into a glittering diamond. All questions will be answered. And of course, The Book Doctors are always looking for writers they can help develop and introduce to their network of publishing professionals. In the last year alone, they have helped Genn Alban from Kansas City get a mid-six-figure, three-book deal with Farrar Strauss Giroux for her dystopian trilogy Crewel; Cathy Camper from Portland get a two-book deal with Chronicle Books for her graphic novel Low Riders from Outer Space; and Ayesha Mattu and Nura Maznavi from San Francisco develop, sell and launch their book Love InshAllah, which has been featured everywhere from The New York Times to National Public Radio. And The Book Doctors will have fun doing it!

“A pitch is like a poem, every word has to count.” – Arielle Eckstut

The Essential GuideWHO THEY ARE: The Book Doctors are David Henry Sterry & Arielle Eckstut. They have agented books on subjects as varied as whether God created man or man created God (the answer is both!); memoirs about murder, madness and miracles; and the secret love lives of Muslim-American women. They have written books on everything from the teenage brain to how to throw a great pajama party if you’re 12 years old; a Jane Austen homage to World Cup soccer; a middle grade novel about the nature of color; from how to get published to what your personality is. They have written screenplays for Disney and founded a company called Little Missmatched, which began by selling socks that don’t match in packs of threes and now has stores from Disneyland to Fifth Avenue in New York City. They have helped dozens and dozens of talented amateurs become professionally published authors. They have taught everywhere from Stanford to Smith, and appeared everywhere from NPR to the London Times, USA Today, the Washington Post, and on the front cover of the NY Times Book Review. They are also the inventors of Pitchapalooza (American Idol for Books) which they have presented at over a hundred independent bookstores, writer’s conferences and book fairs. David’s new illustrated novel is Mort Morte, a coming-of-age black comedy that’s kind of like Diary of a Wimpy Kid, as told by Travis Bickle from Taxi Driver.

Get a FREE 20-minute consultation from The Book Doctors by purchasing a copy of the book The Essential Guide to Getting Your Book Published. Just e-mail proof of purchase to sterryhead@gmail.com.



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